Changing the narrative to promote self love

Changing the narrative to promote self love

💜✨Here's a healing story ✨💜

Self love does not mean you think you are without flaws.

It is knowing your flaws exist and loving yourself anyway because let's face it, no one on this world is perfect. 🤷🏻‍♀️✨

We could all find the little things we hate about ourselves and start to overthink them. By doing this it strengthens those pathways in our brain making more likely that we think about them. 🤕

If I'm honest I was crippled with this for many years. It lead to self harm, disordered eating and self isolation. ❤️‍🩹

My worth was so conditional.

  • "If only I could..."
  • "when I do...."
  • "if I loose..."
  • "I just need to.."
  • "when I achieve..."


The problem with attaching your worth and self love to conditions is that normally when you get to where you said you'd need to be to be happy, you've added more conditions and you never seem to get there. 💔

This is exhausting and can damage your sense of self, your self esteem, your confidence and your mental health.

It was really difficult to break this cycle. With the help of specialised therapy I started to change the narrative.

"As long as your intentions are good and pure, you are more than enough"

I would say this over and over to myself when I felt that internal bully kick up.

It felt foreign and strange at first. Like I didn't feel comfortable saying it, but I believed it to be true for other people... so I reminded myself it must be true for me too.

Now over a year on from that therapy, I can honestly say "I am proud of who I am". I can recognise I am not without flaws, but I'm allowed to love myself regardless of them.

I wish this healing for you too ✨💜

Aoife x

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