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Enlightened by Aoife

6 Week Mindful Movement - Yoga Classes

6 Week Mindful Movement - Yoga Classes

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Mindful moment is a powerful way to break out of negative thinking loops, slow down and connect to the present moment.

This combination of mindfulness, yoga, breath work, gratitude and power affirmations help us connect with ourselves, become more grounded and boost our self-esteem.

This class holds a safe space to become aware and challenge our self limiting beliefs and inner critic. You are encouraged to change the narrative to a more understanding, compassionate and forgiving international dialogue to boost our sense of self-worth & self-esteem.

We slow down and be present, noticing thoughts, feelings and beliefs while non-judgmentally bringing ourselves back to the moment.

In every class we do short meditations, practice gratitude & breathing techniques as well as carefully crafted yoga sequences with modifications for all levels.

This is a safe place for beginners and more experienced yogis. All levels are welcome.

Class starts at 7:30pm

€15 for a single class or 6 classes for €80

All you need is a mat, a journal, pen, something cosy, an open mind and your beautiful self. 🧘🏻‍♀️💜✨

Hope to see you soon! A x

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